remembering when you were different - 2017 (Whitechapel Gallery & Goldsmiths College, University of London)

Over the course of 18 months I facilitated group vocal improvisation workshops exploring memory and the voice. I then presented some sound pieces made out of these improvisations, combined with new songs, in an installation.

In the workshops and in the resulting installation I was asking: how do we hear memories? How can we sing our memories?

These sound pieces start a conversation with time and memory. Through remembering while we sing, we are engaging and activating our sensory memories, felt and expressed through our bodies. Sensory experiences stimulate our ability to access feelings about places, times, people and events.

I am grateful to all the participants of ‘remembering when you were different’ and to The Sound of Memory Symposium at Whitechapel Gallery for including this work in their conference - if you’d like to be involved in future research, or host a workshop, email