we are many things by Genevieve Dawson


Looking out on 2019 like a carpet rolled in front of me, I made a resolution to let myself be many things. In the music industry we are pushed and pulled in so many directions, with a pressure to be easy to read and categorised quickly. Are you a folk artist? Not really, ok so you’re a jazz artist? Hmmmm. It never sits quite right.

I think there’s also a pretence in the industry that we don’t do other things. But all of us are teachers, researchers, session singers, collaborators as well as performers and writers. I’m proud to do all these things and I think if we’re more open about the real life of an artist and what’s required, we’ll be a more supportive and productive community.

This new website is a reflection of the work I’m doing at the moment - a lot of which is writing songs and collaborating with brilliant musicians. Some of which is experimental projects like improvisation and film, and working in the wider community.

Society would like us to be a finished product, but we are all emerging all the time, and I’m ok with that. If you’re here for the music, thank you, if you’re here for something else, that’s great too. In all this work using songs and sounds, my desire is for us to be a little closer and feel a little less alone in the world. I hope we can share a song soon.