exposure by Genevieve Dawson

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Hello friends, nice to see you here.

Welcome to the new website. What do you think of this design? I did it all myself. (Smug face).

I’ve been reading Olivia Sudjic’s brilliant long essay, Exposure, all about the anxieties of exposing oneself as an artist in this new and strange world of hyper-fast criticism and all-exposing connectivities. It’s a super inspiring read for anyone making art.

It got me thinking about the way we speak online as musicians. At the moment I’m a completely independent artist, which can be exhausting, but is also super liberating. I’m in control of every aspect of my work and I love that.

However, I’m also on the precipice of something. I’ve been making an album (in the words of the great Alabaster de Plume, I’m putting my heart and soul into it).

Will it be enough for people? Will it be enough for me? It’s all so exposing. And when faced with the question of how to present myself online, I’ve often fancied myself as one of the Laura Marling’s of this world, or Aldous Harding, or insert mysterious and beautiful and talented woman.

But the reality is I’m not that person. I’m pretty open. I don’t hide secrets in my songs, I write songs to ask questions, or tell a story, or work something out about a feeling or experience. That’s what they are for me. My favourite songs get to the nugget, the little kernel of truth, the thing you always knew but didn’t know how to say.

Thanks for reading and see you at the next gig (26th of June, get your tickets!).


(pic by my lovely friend and photographer Barbora Mrazkova)