Photograph by Barbora Mratzkova 2019

Photograph by Barbora Mratzkova 2019


Originally from Edinburgh, now based in South-East London, I’m a singer, songwriter and composer.

I grew up on the West coast songwriters, lots of Joni and a healthy dose of 90s RnB. My Mum is an English teacher and a writer and my Dad makes furniture. Everybody sang, all the time.

I went off to uni to study music in the dreaming spires, but found myself lost a bit amidst the heights of brilliance, and didn’t see a path for a songwriter in amongst the string quartets and symphonies.

After that my life flew off in unexpected directions - I lived in Cairo for a while, then in Morocco - and through meeting incredible musicians and activists in those places became involved in equality campaigning. Music remained a daily ritual, but I stopped believing it would be my everything.

Then in 2015, my life went off the rails a bit. And as is often the way, at the deepest point of the pit, it was music that offered a hand. I crawled my way out writing songs, starting to gig again, and realised I would always wonder if I didn’t give myself completely to creating music. I quit my steady job in the charity sector and found likeminded musicians in the South-East London scene.

In 2017 I released my first EP, Things My Mother Tells Me, mixed and engineered by Francine Perry. I found a hugely supportive audience in the alt folk, roots and jazz pubs and bars of London.

At the moment I’m working on an album, along with a band of some of the best musicians and loveliest people I’ve met. It’s all nearly all cooked and ready for the world, to stay up to date with that, sign up for my mailing list below.

Until then, see you in a basement or a field somewhere soon (locations I am often to be found singing some songs).