‘Sounding this good on a debut single, should be, and quite possibly is, a crime against long-suffering musicians everywhere, not that we’re complaining.’
For the Rabbits

‘ [She] blends folk-roots with spicy infusions of off-kilter improvisation and ambitiously ambiguous harmony. Genevieve’s take is not unlike that of Hejira-era Joni Mitchell - her songwriting knows no upper bounds… see her and her band at any opportunity you get’.
Bittersweet Symphonies

Genevieve Dawson is a singer-songwriter originally from Edinburgh and now based in South-East London. At the heart of her songs is an arresting honesty, a directness and warmth that has caught the attention of London's alt-folk scene.

In 2017 she self released her first EP, ‘Things My Mother Tells Me’, working closely with producer Francine Perry.

Since then she has played several sold out headline shows in London, major UK festivals and recorded her debut album in a self built studio in a church, set for release in early 2020.

She is joined in her band by multi-instrumentalist Rick Leigh (Denai Moore), bassist Huw Bennett (Minyanta, Susso) and drummer Remi Graves (Skinny Pelembe, Let’s Eat Grandma).

Genevieve was recipient of the Drake Yolanda Award for emerging artists in February 2019.

Press & Bookings email: hello@genevievedawson.com