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Genevieve Dawson is a songwriter and musician, originally from Edinburgh and now based in South-East London. At the heart of her songs is an arresting honesty, a directness and warmth that has garnered her a loyal following and comparisons to Feist, Laura Marling and Sharon Van Etten. She is joined in her band by multi-instrumentalist Rick Leigh, bassist and producer Huw Bennett and drummer Danny Trouton.

In August 2017 she self-released her debut EP, Things My Mother Tells Me, "a brave, bold debut" (Bitter Sweet Symphonies), recorded and mixed in South London by producer Francine Perry (aka La Leif). She is currently working on a full length release. 

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Nice words

"I Am On Something is a musing on regrets and longing, built around the songs key plea, as Genevieve repeats the line, “I do not feel like being good”. Musically it’s a subtle, but sophisticated production, lightly strummed acoustics and hushed vocals, reminiscent of Tina Refsnes or Feist, are carried along on a wave of swirling percussion, and stunning swells of lightly jazzy horns. Sounding this good on a debut single, should be, and quite possibly is, a crime against long-suffering musicians everywhere, not that we’re complaining." - For the Rabbits 

"Forget washy lines about longing and loss. ‘I Am On Something’ describes the intensity of having – whether that ‘something’ is the airwaves, the ecstasy of love, or any other substance for that matter – it is a brave, bold debut." - Bitter Sweet Symphonies